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Table 1 Indicators adapted from INDEPTH study used for classifying the delay types

From: Why gone too soon? Examining social determinants of neonatal deaths in northwest Ethiopia using the three delay model approach

1. Indicators of delay one: Home delay  
 1.1. Newborns whose caregivers did not mention at least one danger sign  
 1.2. Newborns with possibly severe or severe symptom who were treated at home  
 1.3. Newborns only receiving treatment at home without going outside for care  
 1.4. Newborns with severe symptoms who were brought outside the home for care after a day  
 1.5. Newborns who only received informal health care for their fatal illnesses as both first and last source of care  
 1.6. Newborns not going for referral because of caretakers decision making  
 1.7. Caretakers did not take action at home or outside of home for different reasonsa  
2. Indicators for delay two: Transport delay  
 1.8. Delaying >2 h to reach first or last provider  
 1.9. Caretakers not going for referral because of lack of money for transport  
3. Indicators of delay three: Facility level delay  
 1.10. Newborns obtaining treatment from providers after >1 h from first or last provider  
 1.11. Newborns referred because of lack of equipment or lack of drugs  
 1.12. Newborns who did not receive any treatment after visiting first or last formal provider  
  1. aindicator included in the list by the researchers