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Table 3 Number of children with atopic dermatitis (AD) and adjusted odds ratio (OR; 95% CI) for AD at enrolment (mean age 5.1 months) and at two-year follow-up visit (mean age 24.6 months) in 346 children (after excluding children with missing data). The table shows the final models after Hosmer’s stepwise procedure eliminating potential confounding variablesa

From: Weight-for-length, early weight-gain velocity and atopic dermatitis in infancy and at two years of age: a cohort study

  At enrolment At two-year follow-up visit
Children with AD, No. 48 100
Excessive weight-for-lengthb at enrolment 3.03 (1.23–7.50) 2.40 (1.11–5.17)
Parental atopyc 4.26 (1.44–12.65) 2.76 (1.43–5.33)
Aged 1.28 (1.15–1.41) 1.14 (1.06–1.23)
  1. aWeight-for-length at enrolment, age, sex, gestational age, being firstborn child, parental atopy, parental income, parental education, ethnicity, duration of exclusive breastfeeding, duration of breastfeeding, vitamin D levels and recruitment source, i.e. bronchiolitis trial or general population.
  2. bWeight-for-length >95th percentile according to WHO Child Growth Standards
  3. cMother and/or father reporting asthma, allergic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis, food allergy and/or urticaria
  4. dContinuous variable (months)