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Fig. 2

From: Safety and tolerability of Bifidobacterium longum subspecies infantis EVC001 supplementation in healthy term breastfed infants: a phase I clinical trial

Fig. 2

Number of infant stools per day. Mean ± SD of reported number of daily infant stools for the LS (red dot plot) and BiLS (blue dot plot) groups during the Baseline, Intervention, and Post-intervention periods. n = 34 for each group during the Baseline and Intervention periods, and n = 33 for the LS, and n = 34 for the BiLS groups during the Post-intervention period. Different superscripts represent significant differences within and between interventions. There was a significant time effect (p < 0.01), time*trt interaction (p < 0.0005), and intervention effect (p < 0.0005). Based on multiple comparison post hoc analysis with Bonferroni corrections, compared with baseline the mean number of stools increased (b p < 0.0005) during the intervention period for the LS group and decreased (c p < 0.05) for the BiLS group. During the Post-intervention period, the mean number of stools returned to Baseline levels for the LS group and decreased from the Intervention period for the BiLS group (d p < 0.0005)

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