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Fig. 3

From: Effectiveness of robot-assisted gait training in children with cerebral palsy: a bicenter, pragmatic, randomized, cross-over trial (PeLoGAIT)

Fig. 3

Overview of the study protocol and the statistical analyses. Abbreviations: CTC1: Baseline assessment in CTC-group; TC1: Baseline assessment in TC-group; CTC2: Intermediate assessment in CTC-group; TC2: Intermediate assessment in TC-group; CTC3: End assessment in CTC-group; TC3: End assessment in TC-group; CTC4: Follow-up assessment in CTC-group; ∆C1: Change during usual care in CTC-group; ∆C2: change during usual care in TC-group; ∆C3: Change during follow-up in CTC-group; ∆T1: Change during robot-assisted gait training in TC-group; ∆T2: Change during robot-assisted gait training in CTC-group

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