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Table 2 Items included in the behavioral problems scale

From: Emotional and behavioral problems in late preterm and early term births: outcomes at child age 36 months

Item Original scale
Canʼt concentrate, canʼt pay attention for long CBCL
Canʼt sit still, restless, or hyperactive CBCL
Canʼt stand waiting, wants everything now CBCL
Defiant CBCL
Demands must be met immediately CBCL
Doesnʼt seem to feel guilty after misbehaving CBCL
Gets in many fights CBCL
Gets into everything CBCL
Hits others CBCL
Poorly coordinated or clumsy CBCL
Punishment doesnʼt change his/her behavior CBCL
Quickly shifts from one activity to another CBCL
“Tests” other children to see whether they get angry ITSEA
Becomes aggressive when he/she is frustrated ITSEA
Hits, shoves, kicks, and bites other children (not including siblings) ITSEA
Is disobedient or defiant (e.g., refuses to do anything you ask) ITSEA
Is extremely noisy. Shouts and screams a lot ITSEA