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Table 1 Grid of semi-structured questions to explore healthcare professionals’ perception on determinants of SAP behavior

From: Surgical antibiotic prophylaxis in children: a mixed method study on healthcare professionals attitudes

Aim Question
Attitude and practice underlying SAP behaviour 1. What is your opinion about the surgical antibiotic prophylaxis in your hospital?
2. According to clinical guidelines, the use of third or fourth-generation cephalosporins is not recommended for surgical prophylaxis. In fact, they have not been proven to be more effective than first or second-generation cephalosporins, while there are many negative effects caused by the inappropriate use of these antibiotics, including the emergence of antibiotic resistance. Another recommendation concerns the duration of antibiotic prophylaxis, that should be limited to the perioperative period, while the decision to continue prophylaxis beyond the first 24 postoperative hours is not recommended.
a. What is your opinion?
b. What are, in your opinion, the obstacles to the application of these recommendations?