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Table 3 Characteristics of 7 patients with familial form of anorchia

From: Familial forms of disorders of sex development may be common if infertility is considered a comorbidity

Case Testes at birth Age at first evaluation Testosterone (ng/mL) LH (IU/L) FSH (IU/L) Inhibin B (pg/mL) AMH (pmol/L) Parent (family history)
  Right Left  
26 p np 1d ND <0,4b <0,4b und 5 mother and fetus sister (see Results)
27 p p 1.3y und 5.5 68 und 2.5 mother (see Results)
28 torsion at birth torsion at birth 3.2y 0.15 6b 34b ND ND father (secondary infertility with oligoasthenospermia)
29 ND ND 2y unda <0,2b 18b ND und father (increased basal plasma FSH concentration (12 IU/L) at 38 y)
30 ND ND 6.2y unda 0.5 0.05 und und mother (cryptorchidism in cousin)
31 ND   8.2y ND   2.8 und und father (cryptorchidism in son of sister)
32 np np 13.6y 0.09 25 122 ND ND mother (premature menopause at 28 y)
  1. ND not determined, und undetectable
  2. aNo increase in testosterone after hCG test
  3. bAge at assays similar except case 26 at 0.8 y, 28 at 12.6, 29 at 6 y