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Table 4 Thigh volume estimates by the anthropometry-based new model and by dual energy X-ray absorptiometry in female adolescent volleyball players, mean differences between methods and paired t-test (n = 42)

From: Concurrent agreement between an anthropometric model to predict thigh volume and dual-energy X-Ray absorptiometry assessment in female volleyball players aged 14-18 years

  Methods Differences Paired t-test
Mean SD Mean SD Mean 95%CI SD t(df=41) P-value
Thigh volume (L) 5.545 0.858 5.553 0.899 -0.899 -0.108–0.092 0.322 0.160 0.873
  1. TV-DXA thigh volume estimated by dual X-ray absorptiometry, TV-NM thigh volume estimated by anthropometry-based new model, SD standard deviation, CI confidence intervals for the mean differences