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Table 3 Regression model to obtain log-transformed estimates of thigh volume in female adolescent volleyball players and internal cross-validation analysis for the new model using PRESS

From: Concurrent agreement between an anthropometric model to predict thigh volume and dual-energy X-Ray absorptiometry assessment in female volleyball players aged 14-18 years

Xi Intercept and predictors Model summary PRESS
β SEE P-value Partial-r VIF 1/VIF R SEE R 2 R adj 2 R 2 SEE
Intercept -0.899 0.153 <0.001     0.922 0.027 0.851 0.843 0.838 0.027
log10 (body mass) 0.876 0.108 <0.001 0.810         
log10 (TV-ANTH) 0.113 0.081 0.172 0.138 0.386 2.589       
  1. TV-ANTH thigh volume estimated by anthropometry, β, beta unstandardized, SEE standard error or estimate, r and R: correlation, VIF variance inflation factor, 1/VIF tolerance, R 2 coefficient of determination, R adj 2: adjusted coefficient of determination