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Table 1 Data that will be collected at each follow-up of the study

From: Early nutrition, growth and cognitive development of infants from birth to 2 years in Malaysia: a study protocol

Data Recruitment 6 months 12 months 18 months 24 months
Socio-demographic background
 Parents’ age     
 Parents’ ethnicity     
 Parents’ educational attainment     
 Parents’ occupation     
 Monthly household income     
 Infant’s date of birth     
 Infant’s sex     
 Infant’s gestational age     
 Pre-pregnancy BMI      
 Obstetrics history      
 Anthropometric measurement during pregnancy      
 Gestational weight gain      
 Blood glucose during pregnancy      
 Blood pressure during pregnancy      
 Habitual food intakes in the third trimester      
 Smoking and drinking behavior      
 Maternal post-natal depression      
 Maternal intelligence      
 Birth weight     
 Length at birth     
 Head circumference at birth     
 Infant feeding practices  
 Complementary feeding  
 Energy and nutrient intake (24-h dietary recall)  
 Dietary diversity  
 Head circumference  
 Waist circumference  
 Mid-upper arm circumference  
 Tricep skinfold thickness  
 Subscapular skinfold thickness  
 Iron status (infants)      
 Infant temperament      
 Home environment      
 Cognitive development