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Table 1 ICD codes used to identify diagnoses in this study

From: Maternal and perinatal conditions and the risk of developing celiac disease during childhood

Description ICD 10 ICD 9
Maternal infections   
 Infections of genitourinary tract in pregnancy O23 646.60, 646.61, 646.62, 646.63
 Infections of amniotic sac and membranes O41.1 658.41, 658.43
 Pyrexia during labour, not elsewhere classified O75.2 659.21
 Other infection during labour O75.3 659.31
Premature rupture of the membrane   
 Premature rupture of the membrane, onset of labour O42  
Neonatal infections   
 Pneumonia P23 770.0
 Sepsis P36 771.81
 Other neonatal infections P39 771.5, 771.6, 771.82, 771.89
  1. ICD International Classification of Diseases
  2. The Swedish ICD system used was constructed based on the ICD classification of the World Health Organization