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Table 3 Cohort or Longitudinal Studies Included in the Systematic Review by Selected Study Information

From: Childhood asthma and physical activity: a systematic review with meta-analysis and Graphic Appraisal Tool for Epidemiology assessment

Author Year Study design Agea (years) Definition Number Main effect size
Adj OR/HR/GMR/mean
Adj covariates Key conclusions reported by the study authors
Physical activity Asthma Asthma Total
Vogelberg 2007 Cohort follow-up 6–7 years 16–18 Sports freq(questionnaire) Physician diagnosed (wz) 329wz,b 2,858b Risk (OR [95 % CI]) of incident wz by sports >3 times per wk vs ≤ once per month (rfgr): 0.8 (0.5–1.3) Active and passive smoking, BMI, SES, gender Inverse associations between wz and sport or PC
Sherriff 2009 Cohort follow-up 11.5 years 11.5 TV viewing (questionnaire) Physician diagnosed 78b 1,599b Associations (OR [95 % CI]) of asthma at age 11.5 years with
TV viewing at age 3.5 years (>2 hrs/day) vs 1–2 hrs/day (rfgr): 1.8 (1.2–2.6) (P trend = 0.0003)
BMI, maternal asthma/allergies and smoking, social variables Longer duration of TV viewing associated with development of asthma in later childhood
Islam 2009 Cohort follow-up 10 years 7–11+ Team sports (questionnaire) Physician diagnosed 142b 1,580b Associations (HR [95 % CI]) of GSTP1c genotypes with new-onset asthma by > two team sports vs none (rfgr): 2.66 (1.2–5.9) (P < 0.05) cSubclass of GST Ethnicity, community of residence, genetic information (GSTM1c and SNP1/SNP3) cSubclass of GST Children with Val105 variant allele may be protected against increased risk of asthma by exercise
  1. Adj Adjusted or adjustment, BMI Body mass index, CI Confidence interval, Freq Frequency, GST Glutathione S-transferase, Hr/hrs Hour/hours, HR Hazard ratio, OR Odds ratio, Rfgr Reference group, SD Standard deviation, SES Socio-economic status, SNP Single nucleotide polymorphism, Vs Versus, Wk Week, Wz Wheezing
  2. aAge: Mean (±2 SD) or range
  3. bThose who contributed data on asthma/wheezing and physical activity to the meta-analysis
  4. cSubclass of GST