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Table 5 Arch height measures (i.e., CSI and KI) and left ground reaction forces normalized by weight in the anterior/posterior (Left Norm A/P GRF), medial/lateral (Left Norm M/L GRF), and vertical (Left Norm Vertical GRF) directions from the Motor Development and Motor Control Laboratories

From: The relationship between foot arch measurements and walking parameters in children

Left CSI Left KI Left Norm A/P GRF (N/kg) Left Norm M/L GRF (N/kg) Left Norm Vertical GRF (N/kg) N
0.05 (0.06) 0.58 (0.26) 2.00 (1.04) 1.37 (0.75) 6.31 (1.79) 18
  1. Note that CSI, KI, and ground reaction forces are shown for the left foot. Standard deviations are in parentheses