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Table 3 Possible strategies to improve participation in physical activity among children with disability

From: Perceived barriers and facilitators to participation in physical activity for children with disability: a qualitative study

Individual level strategies  
1. Incorporate practical based instructor training in disability
2. Ask children with disability and their families their preferred activity choices
3. Introduce flexible or subsidised payment options for families of children with disability
4. Encourage children with disability to participate in physical activity from early childhood
Social level strategies  
5. Lessen the burden on parents of children with disability through financial or social support or incentives
6. Introduce flexible funding arrangements for sports organisations
7. Promote physical activity programs that children with disability can participate in
8. Ensure children with disability meaningfully participate in physical education at school
Policy level strategies  
9. Develop partnerships between the sport and disability sectors, local government, and schools
10. Encourage positive societal attitudes to disability