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Table 2 Initial risk and protective factor scales – family domain of the Communities That Care Youth Survey (CTC-F7)

From: Familial risk and protective factors in alcohol intoxicated adolescents: psychometric evaluation of the family domain of the Communities That Care Youth Survey (CTC) and a new short version of the Childhood Trauma Questionnaire (CTQ)

Scale abbrev. Family domain Item abbrev. Item description
FR_2 Poor family management R45n Parents ask about school performance
R45a Parents know where I am
R45p Parents notice when I come home late
R45d Parents want me to call if I am going to come home late
R45g Clear family rules
R45e Parent would notice if I use drugs
R45f Parents would find out if I skip school
FR_3 Family conflict R45b Frequent yelling in the family
R45o Repeated episodes of severe conflict
R45c Repeated yelling about the same things
FR_4 Parental attitudes favorable to drug use R44b Favorable attitude towards alcohol use
R44d Favorable attitude towards cigarettes
R44e Favorable attitude towards marijuana
FR_5 Parental attitudes favorable to antisocial behavior R44a Favorable attitude towards skipping school
R44f Favorable attitude towards stealing
R44g Favorable attitude towards antisocial behavior
R44h Favorable attitude towards child’s violent behavior
FP_1 Family attachment P45h Mother: feel close to
P45j Mother: communicate with
P45k Father: feel close to
P45m Father: communicate with
P45i Mother: enjoys spending time together
P45l Father: enjoys spending time together
FP_2 Family opportunities for prosocial involvement P53e Parents encourage family outings
P53c Parents actively include adolescents in decision making
P53d In case of problems can ask parents for help
FP_3 Rewards for prosocial family involvement P53b Parents offer praise
P53a Parents are proud