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Table 3 Pearson’s correlation coefficients between anthropometric parameters and systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure

From: Association of neck circumference and high blood pressure in children and adolescents: a case–control study

Variables NC (cm) BMI (kg/m2) WC (cm)
SBP (mmHg) 0.548a 0.481a 0.446a
DBP (mmHg) 0.166a 0.181a 0.175a
SBP (mmHg) 0.360a 0.403a 0.372a
DBP (mmHg) 0.145a 0.226a 0.168a
SBP (mmHg) 0.518a 0.436a 0.444a
DBP (mmHg) 0.117a 0.201a 0.149a
  1. NC neck circumference; BMI body mass index; WC waist circumference; SBP systolic blood pressure; DBP diastolic blood pressure
  2. aCorrelation is significant at the level of 0.01 (2-tailed)