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Table 1 Synopsis of nomenclature and etiology for non-scrotal testes

From: Operative management of cryptorchidism: guidelines and reality - a 10-year observational analysis of 3587 cases

Medical term Meaning Possible origin
Cryptorchidism “Hidden testis”, extra- /supra-scrotal position • Agenesis, atrophy [2]
• No/delayed testicular descent
Undescended testis Incomplete descent of the testis, possible positions: intra-abdominal, inside the inguinal canal or supra-scrotal • Immaturity, low birth weight [2, 8]
Retractile testis Normal testicular position, periodic translocation to a supra-scrotal position • Hyperactive cremasteric reflex [47, 48]
Ascending testis, acquired undescended testis Previously regular positioned testis, secondary permanent translocation to a non-scrotal position • Deviating growth velocity of spermatic chord and body length growth [50]
• Partial absorption of the vaginal process into the peritoneum [50]