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Table 1 Criteria for inclusion and exclusion

From: Effects of low-dose clonidine on cardiovascular and autonomic variables in adolescents with chronic fatigue: a randomized controlled trial

  Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
CFS patients Persisting or constantly relapsing fatigue lasting 3 months or more. Another current disease process or demanding life event that might explain the fatigue
  Functional disability resulting from fatigue to a degree that prevent normal school attendance Another chronic disease
  Age ≥ 12 years and < 18 years Permanent use of drugs (including hormones) possibly interfering with measurements
   Permanently bed-ridden
   Positive pregnancy test
   Evidence of reduced cerebral and/or peripheral circulation due to vessel disease
   Renal insufficiency
   Known hypersensitivity towards clonidine or inert substances (lactose, saccarose) in capsule
   Abnormal ECG (apart from ectopic beats)
   Supine heart rate < 50 beats/min
   Supine systolic blood pressure < 85 mmHg
   Upright systolic blood pressure fall > 30 mmHg
Healthy control subjects Age ≥ 12 years and < 18 years Another chronic disease
   Permanent use of drugs (including hormones)