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Table 3 Descriptive food lists developed to compare BLW and BLISS eating patterns

From: Development and pilot testing of Baby-Led Introduction to SolidS - a version of Baby-Led Weaning modified to address concerns about iron deficiency, growth faltering and choking

Foods classified as iron containing foods
  Liver (including pâté)
  Luncheon sausage or other sausage
  “Saveloys” or “cheerios” (processed meat sausages)
  Iron-fortified infant rice cereal
  Baked beans
  Chickpeas (other than hummus)
Foods classified as high-energy foods
  All foods except most fruit and vegetables, plain rice crackers, or clear soups were classified as high-energy foods.
  Fruits classified as high energy: Avocado and banana
  Vegetables classified as high-energy: Pumpkin, potato and kumara (sweet potato).
Foods classified as high-choking-risk foods
  Raw vegetables (e.g., carrot, celery, salad leaves)
  Raw apple
  Rice crackers, potato crisps, corn chips
  Whole nuts
  Dried fruit (e.g., raisins, cranberries)
  Cherries, grapes, berries, cherry tomatoes
  Peas, corn
  Lollies (i.e., sweets or candy)
  “Saveloys”, hotdogs (processed meat sausages)
  Other hard food (i.e., foods that could not be squashed against the roof of the mouth with the tongue)