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Table 1 Criteria for study quality review

From: Parent/caregiver health literacy among children with special health care needs: a systematic review of the literature

LEVEL I – Randomized control trial (RCT) or experimental study
LEVEL II – Quasi-experimental (no manipulation of independent variable, may have random assignment or control)
LEVEL III – Non-experimental (no manipulation of independent variable, includes descriptive, comparative, correlational studies or uses secondary data)
LEVEL IV – Qualitative (focus groups, starting point where no previous data exists).
X – Study did not meet final inclusion criteria
Consistent, generalizable results
Sufficient sample size
Adequate control
Definitive conclusions
Consistent recommendations based on comprehensive literature review that includes thorough reference to scientific evidence
Reasonably consistent results
Sufficient sample size for the study design
Some control
Fairly definitive conclusions
Reasonably consistent recommendations based on fairly comprehensive literature review that includes some reference to scientific evidence
Little evidence with inconsistent results
Insufficient sample size for the study design
Conclusions cannot be drawn
  1. Adapted with permission from Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses (AORN) (non-published) and developed by Elayne K. Phillips, PhD, RN, FAAN and Jessica Keim-Malpass, PhD, RN