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Table 4 The classes of medications responsible for adverse drug events among children hospitalized in Jimma University Specialized Hospital

From: Adverse drug events in hospitalized children at Ethiopian University Hospital: a prospective observational study

Medication classa n (%)
Anti-infective medicinesb 42 (72)
Cardiovascular medicines 4 (7)
Central nervous system medicines 4 (7)
Respiratory medicines 3 (5)
Medicines used in endocrine disorders 3 (5)
Gastrointestinal medicines 1 (2)
Medicines affecting the blood 1 (2)
  1. aClassification is based on Pharmacologic – Therapeutic classification scheme used in the list of medicines in Ethiopia, Sept 2010 [37]
  2. bFor one ADE, the maintenance fluid (isotonic normal saline) also contributed for infiltration in additions to anti-infectives being used