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Table 2 Types of ADEs identified clinically among children admitted in Jimma University Specialized Hospital

From: Adverse drug events in hospitalized children at Ethiopian University Hospital: a prospective observational study

Adverse drug event n (%)
Injection site phlebitis 13 (22.4)
Skin rash with/without urticaria 12 (20.7)
N/V, dyspepsia (+/− loss of appetite)a 7 (12)
Antibiotic associated diarrhea 6 (10.3)
Infiltration, subcutaneous 3 (5.2)
Oral candidiasis 2 (3.4)
Extravasation induced tissue necrosis 2 (3.4)
Othersb 16 (27.6)
  1. aN/V (nausea or vomiting), +/− (with or without)
  2. bIncludes hypotension, tachycardia, pain/burning sensation at injection site, hypoglycemia, congestive heart failure (aggravated), acute dystonic reaction, rectal irritation (proctitis), gangrene, gingival hypertrophy/facial coarsening, DKA/hyperglycemia, over sedation, irritability, exoflative dermatitis, seizure, headache/abdominal pain and death