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Table 5 Ancillary projects arising from PROP

From: Prematurity and respiratory outcomes program (PROP): study protocol of a prospective multicenter study of respiratory outcomes of preterm infants in the United States

Project Center Publications
PROP Scholars   
Preventing attrition in follow-up Penn  
Inter-rater reliability in physical exam Penn  
Tracheal aspirate connective tissue mast cells in BPD Rochester [45]
Training in DLCO measurements Rochester  
Treg impairment in preterm infants exposed to chorioamnionitis Cincinnati  
Glutathionated hemoglobin as a biomarker for oxidant stress Vanderbilt [46]
RAGE signaling in BPD Vanderbilt  
Periostin levels as a biomarker for BPD Indiana  
Right ventricular strain measurements in evolving BPD Washington U [47-50]
Genetic contributions to BPD UCSF  
Longitudinal lung clearance index measurements in premature infants UCSF  
Oxidant stress and neurodevelopmental outcomes Vanderbilt  
Variability in RIP Washington U [51]
Relationship between feeding desaturation, respiratory function and one year respiratory outcome in preterm infants Rochester  
Respiratory pattern during physiologic challenges Washington U  
RIP late preterm and term newborns Rochester, Washington U  
Genetic Variants and Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia in Premature Infants Multi-center