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Table 1 Single center programs and specific projects

From: Prematurity and respiratory outcomes program (PROP): study protocol of a prospective multicenter study of respiratory outcomes of preterm infants in the United States

Program center # Clinical sites Project objectives # Enrolled
University of Pennsylvania 0 Data Coordinating Center for the PROP N/A
Duke University/Indiana University 2 Gastrin-releasing peptide and bronchopulmonary dysplasia 105
University of Rochester/University at Buffalo 2 Functional and lymphocytic markers of respiratory morbidity in hyperoxic preterm infants 142
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center 3 Biomarkers of immunologic function and preterm respiratory outcomes 111
University of California, San Francisco 3 Influence of the nitric oxide pathway and inflammation on preterm respiratory outcomes 161
Vanderbilt University 2 Immaturity and genetic variation in urea cycle-nitric oxide and glutathione pathways modulation of BPD phenotype 184
Washington University 1 Influence of the enteric microbiome on the genesis of bronchopulmonary dysplasia 132