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Table 1 Summary of Included studies

From: The etiologies of non-CF bronchiectasis in childhood: a systematic review of 989 subjects

Study citation Inclusion criteria # of patients Age range of patients Diagnostic criteria Patient source Country of origin
Kapur et. al (2012) [9] Children < 18 years 113 3-195 months HRCT scan Single children’s hospital Australia
HRCT scan diagnosis of bronchiectasis
Availability of BAL fluid cytology
Microbiological results from bronchoscopy
No CF diagnosis
Zaid et. al (2010) [17] Children < 18 years with discharge diagnosis of chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, or chronic suppurative lung disease 92 1.5-13 years HRCT scan Clinical diagnosis All Irish public hospitals’ discharge data Ireland
Verified with chart review, exclusion of CF and radiology review of HRCT
No CF diagnosis (sweat chloride < 60)
Karakoc et. al (2009) [11] Diagnosis of bronchiectasis based on suggestive clinical and radiological features confirmed by HRCT 22 87.0 +/− 56.85 months [1] HRCT scan and clinical diagnosis Dept of Allergy and Immunology at University Center Turkey
Banjar (2007) [6] Non-CF bronchiectasis based on CXR and/or CT chest 151 7.3 +/− 4.1 years CXR Single center Saudi Arabia
CT chest (96%)
Li et. al (2005) [13] Database search bronchiectasis, chronic suppurative lung disease, and chronic cough 136 3.1-18.1 years [2] HRCT scan Two centers United Kingdom
HRCT diagnosed bronchiectasis with suggestive clinical feature
No CF diagnosis (sweat test, genetic mutations, nasal potential differences and faecal elastase if equivocal)
Karadag et. al (2005) [10] Patients with non-CF bronchiectasis confirmed with HRCT 111 7.4 +/− 3.7 years HRCT scan Single center Turkey
Eastham et. al (2004) [7] Children with bronchiectasis confirmed with HRCT 93 1.6-18.8 years HRCT scan Single center United Kingdom
Munro et. al (2011) [14] All children had HRCT and had at least 5 years of follow up 91 0.9-16 years HRCT scan Database of single children’s hospital New Zealand
Series of investigations to exclude CF and identify the presumed etiology for bronchiectasis
Singleton et. al (2000) [16] Assessed by a pediatric pulmonologist to have definite (CT findings) bronchiectasis [3] 28 1-15 years HRCT Two centers Alaska
Gaillard et. al (2003) [8] Database search identifying children with 2 or more HRCT scans of the lungs in whom bronchiectasis was reported in the first scan, then reviewed by a single consultant radiologist 22 1-16 years [4] HRCT Single children’s hospital United Kingdom
Exclusion of CF patients
Koh et. al (1997) [12] Clinical features of bronchiectasis conformed by CT and by bronchoscopy when necessary 25 13.1 +/− 2.6 years [2] Clinical plus CT Single clinic Korea
Santamaria et. al (2008) [15] Bronchiectasis identified by HRCT 105 0-14.4 years HRCT Two centers Italy