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Table 1 Clinical vignettes

From: Why do paediatricians prescribe antibiotics? Results of an Italian regional project

  Vignette description Vignette objective Correct answer
1 ▪ Evening visit at home
▪ 2 years of age
▪ 39°C for 24 hours, cough, seromucous nasal discharge
▪ negative rapid test
To measure the frequency of reported avoidance of antibiotic prescribing for viral URTI No antibiotic prescription at first visit
2 ▪ ambulatory visit
▪ 12 years of age
▪ pharyngitis, 38.7°C for 24 hours, no respiratory symptoms, large, red tonsils with purulent secretions
To measure the frequency of reported use of microbiological testing for Streptococcus pyogenes diagnosis Given the high clinical score (according to McIsaac), Microbiological test before antibiotic prescription
3 ▪ ambulatory visit
▪ 6 years of age
▪ 37.8°C, bilateral otalgia
▪ At examination bilateral otitis, erythema and bulging tympanic membrane
To measure the frequency of reported adoption of "wait and see strategy" (deferring
antibacterial treatment for 48 to 72 hours)
It is reasonable to prescribe antibiotics, but it is better to defer antibacterial treatment for 48-72 hours