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Table 1 CASCADE module content

From: Maximising engagement, motivation and long term change in a Structured Intensive Education Programme in Diabetes for children, young people and their families: Child and Adolescent Structured Competencies Approach to Diabetes Education (CASCADE)

Module 1: Living with Diabetes-challenges and choices Module 3: Adjusting insulin - pros and cons
Identification of strengths, resources and abilities Why we need food - a healthy balance How insulin works - happy and unhappy cells What are carbohydrate foods and their effects Insulin regimens and their action profiles Enhancing motivation to change (Post module quiz) When to adjust insulin When to get help (urgent and non-urgent) Recognising Hyperglycaemia When & how to treat hyperglycaemia Insulin stacking Using an insulin sensitivity ratio Adjusting insulin to food - CHO counting Enhancing motivation to change (Post module quiz)
Module 2: BG testing - pros and cons Module 4: Food, activity and exercise
Reasons for testing BG levels HbA1c and complications Factors that influence the BG level (up and down) Recognising Hypoglycaemia How to treat Hypoglycaemia Enhancing motivation to change (Post module quiz) Relationship between insulin action & exercise Blueprint for success