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Table 2 Interventions to promote adherence to a pediatric HAART program, Nairobi

From: Implementation of a comprehensive program including psycho-social and treatment literacy activities to improve adherence to HIV care and treatment for a pediatric population in Kenya

Factors predicting adherence to treatment and care System adaptation Psycho-social support Capacity building
Patient-related factors Child friendly clinics with:
- Playground
- Social support network to refer patient to according to the needs and demands. - Treatment literacy training
  - A dedicated pediatric clinic day - Development of material (fairytale, booklet) - Hero book training
  - Pediatric waiting bay with toys, video, games. - Support groups - Attitude training
  - Pediatric counselling room - Individuals therapy session - Community based campaigns to promote awareness and understanding of the specific plight of children living with HIV/AIDS
  - Testing and counselling decentralised in the ward with special session to help the coping with disclosure of positive status - Financial support for bus fare  
  - 3 target groups: children, teenagers and caregivers - Referral to Post Test Clubs  
   - Art therapy  
   - Sand therapy  
   - Individual counselling tailored schedule  
Therapy related factors - Pill boxes   - Treatment literacy training
  - Tick sheets   
  - Enrolment of children born from a positive mother until HIV status is confirmed   
  - Malnutrition screening   
  - Provision of supplementary and therapeutic food   
  - Referral to a Pediatrician   
Patient-provider relationship factors - Childrens' Fun Day   Staff training in:
    - HIV medicine
  - Training of young peer PLWHA in basic counselling and in training of the trainer on a range of curricula   - Pediatric HAART
    - Basic counselling
    - Attitude training
    - Treatment literacy
    - Counsellors trained in various techniques for counselling (Hero book, play therapy, and training of the trainer for treatment literacy)
    - PLWHA peer counsellor trained in basic counselling skills, treatment literacy and ToT for TL