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Table 1 Risk factors for MA: quality of included studies

From: Risk factors for methamphetamine use in youth: a systematic review

Study Year Study Design Downs and Black Score Present Adjusted OR Funding Source
Low-risk youth as the comparison group
Lampinen 2006 Cross-sectional 15 Yes Other
Oetting 2000 Cross-sectional 12 No Government
Sattah 2002 Cross-sectional 15 Yes Government
Yen 2006a Case-control 15 Yes Government
Yen 2004b Cross-sectional 13 No NR
High-risk youth as the comparison group
Kim 2002 Cross-sectional 16 No Government
Miura 2006 Case-control 15 Yes NR
Palmer 2005 Case-control 13 No NR
Rawson 2005 Cross-sectional 14 Yes NR
Shillington 2005 Cross-sectional 18 Yes Other
Shillington 2003 Cross-sectional 17 No NR
Uchida 1995 Cross-sectional 12 No NR
  1. a Age and sex matched
  2. b Sex matched