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Table 3 Random Protocol – Summary of results obtained by the Bi-modal (Bm), Back propagation (Bp) and Sine net (Sn) ANN models.

From: Placental determinants of fetal growth: identification of key factors in the insulin-like growth factor and cytokine systems using artificial neural networks

ANN Model Target Mean Accuracy % Errors
  FGR (%) AGA (%) Arithmetic Weighted  
BM 75,00 84.62 79,81 80,00 5
BP 75,00 84.62 79,81 80,00 5
SN 75,00 76,92 75,96 76,00 6
  1. The percentage rates of correct classification of FGR and AGA are shown in the testing phase, together with the arithmetic and weighted mean accuracy.
  2. FGR: fetal growth restriction;
  3. AGA: appropriate for gestational age.
  4. BM Bimodal neural network
  5. BP: Back propagation neural network
  6. SN: Sine net neural network