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Table 2 Data comparing the correlation results of PARTZ and CETZ with pathological level of aganglionosis

From: Application of a plain abdominal radiograph transition zone (PARTZ) in Hirschsprung's disease

Correlation between Parameters p value 95% Confidence interval
PARTZ vs. CETZ *0.008 -6.09 to -3.6
PARTZ vs. PLAG *0.00 -4.4 to -3.93
CETZ vs. PLAG 0.6 -0.85 to 0.52
PARTZ vs. ICCE *0.001 -1.87 to -0.79
  1. PARTZ, Plain abdominal transition zone; CETZ, Contrast enema transition zone; PLAG, Pathological level of aganglionosis; ICCE, Inconclusive contrast enema. * p < 0.05 significant