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Table 4 Evaluation Questionnaires

From: A family-based education program for obesity: a three-year study

Time Assessed issue Good Bad
Therapeutic Education Session
n. 85
• Appropriateness n.84 (99%) n.1
  • Completeness n.84 (99%) n.1
1 st year Clinical Assessment
n. 56
• Effectiveness of therapeutic   
  Education and Self-help book n.52 (93%) n.4
  • Satisfaction n.52 (93%) n.4
3 rd year Clinical Assessment
n. 40
Improvement in   
  • Eating behavior n.39 (98%) n.1
  • Physical activity pattern n.35 (88%) n.5
  • Life Quality n.39 (98%) n.1
  1. Results of questionnaires assessing treatment satisfaction, life-style and life-quality, as perceived by children and their parents, in different moments of the follow up.