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Table 3 Consistently emerging themes from the provider interviews and the consumer focus groups – Sunnyvale, CA and Kansas City, MO.

From: A qualitative assessment of factors influencing acceptance of a new rotavirus vaccine among health care providers and consumers

Provider interviews:
• All physicians were familiar with Rotashield.
• Vaccine regarded as having an excellent safety and efficacy profile.
• Providers accurately predicted parental perception of vaccine safety and efficacy.
• Physicians likely to use RotaTeq if recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).
• CDC's Vaccine Information Sheet noted to be accurate and useful for parents.
• All physicians reported a consistent treatment algorithm for diarrhea.
• Expressed interest in post-licensure safety and effectiveness data.
Consumer focus groups:
• Overall, rotavirus disease was not perceived to be a high-priority childhood health issue.
• Vaccine found to be acceptable and perceived in a positive light
• Vaccine concerns included: administration of a live-virus, "newness" of the vaccine, potential for adverse events, and narrow window of opportunity to vaccinate.
• Noted desire for more information with regard to rotavirus disease and vaccines.
• 16% of the consumers claimed that their child would "definitely not get" the vaccine.
• Physician's recommendation to vaccinate their child would be persuasive.