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Table 2 Differences between the twins at birth

From: Discordant twins with the smaller baby appropriate for gestational age – unusual manifestation of superfoetation: A case report

  Twin A (Gestational age range in weeks +/-2SD) Twin B (Gestational age range in weeks +/-2SD)
Weight (gm)* 980 (26–30) 2160 (30–36)
Length (cm)* 36.5 (27–29) 42.5 (30–34)
Circumference head (cm)* 27 (27–31) 31 (31–37)
New Ballard Score 15 (30 +/- 2 weeks) 32 (36 +/- 2 weeks)
Epiphysis lower end of femur Absent (Less than 31 weeks) Present (31 – 40 weeks)
Epiphysis upper end tibia Absent (Less than 34 weeks) Present (34 – 5 post natal weeks)
Calcified crown of 1st deciduous molar Absent (less than 33 weeks) Present (more than 33 weeks)
Calcified crown of 1st deciduous molar Absent (less than 36 weeks) Present (more than 36 weeks)
Cornea Haze present Transparent
Retinal vessels migration Not reached nasal ora serrata (less than 36 weeks)** Complete on the nasal side and near complete on the temporal side. (more than 36 weeks)**
  1. *Norms for anthropometry: Usher R et al J Ped 1969 74 901
  2. **Ophthalmological norms: Moller HU. Milestones and normative data. In: Taylor D. editor Pediatric Ophthalmology 2nd en. Blackwell Science1997; pp 42–54.
  3. References for other norms are described in the text