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Table 2 Epidemiologic Studies of SSPE

From: Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis: Results of the Canadian Paediatric Surveillance Program and review of the literature

Country and years (reference) Study method Incidence and immunization status of population SSPE cases per Measles cases in general population in relevant time period (cases of SSPE/million cases of measles)
State of California, USA, 1998–2003 [41] Passive surveillance. 5 cases over 5.5 years. Active immunization. 4 cases related to a 2 year epidemic of 16,400 cases of measles in California. (243 cases/million)
Bulagria 1978–2002 [42],[43] University hospital sample. 40 cases over 25 years. No population figures given. Active immunization. Not available.
South China 1988–2002 [44] Physician survey and hospital record diagnostic code search. 5.5/million children. Active immunization. At least 6 cases related to a epidemic of 4140 cases in one year. (1449 cases/million)
England and Wales 1990–2002 [45] Passive surveillance. 47 cases (not all pediatric). No incidence figures given. Active immunization. 1 case per 25,000 measles infections. 1 case per 5,500 if measles infection in first year. (40–200 cases/million)
Japan 1977–1999 [46] Unclear from abstract. 0.58/million population Not available.
Papua New Guinea 1997–1999 [47] Single hospital sample. 98/million child population. Active immunization but poor coverage. Not available.
Australia 1995–1998 [48] Active surveillance. 0.02/100,000 children per year Not available.
Brazil 1990–1996 [49] Survey of child neurologists with 84% response rate. 48 cases over 7 years Not available.
USA 1980 [1] Passive surveillance. 0.06/million population under 20 years 8.5 cases of SSPE/million cases of measles infection for 1960–1974.