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Table 1 Databases, date ranges, and strategies used.

From: Randomized controlled trials in pediatric complementary and alternative medicine: Where can they be found?

Database Host Date Range Searched Strategy
Medline & Pre-Medline Ovid Online 1966-Feb 2001 1*
Embase Ovid Online 1988-June 2000 1
CINAHL Ovid Online 1982-July 2000 1
Dissertation Abstracts Ovid Online 1990-Feb 2000 1
CAB Health Dialog 1973-March 2001 1
Allied and Complementary Medicine (AMED) Dialog 1985-March 2001 1
ExtraMED Dialog 1992-March 2001 1
Manual, Alternative and Natural Therapy (MANTIS) Dialog 1880-March 2001 1
The Cochrane Library CCTR Update Software (CD-ROM) Issue 1, 2001 2**
AGRICOLA Ovid Online 1975-Jan 2001 3***
NCCAM (now incorporated into PubMed) 1963–2000 3
BioMed Central 1991-Feb 2001 3
IBIDS – NIH Office of Dietary Supplements Feb 2001 3
  1. *Strategy 1: The main subject search of this strategy was based Cochrane Collaboration's Complementary Medicine Field subject search [9]. **Strategy 2: ((SR-COMPMED and CHILD*:ME) not (ADULT*:ME and ADOLESCENCE:ME)) ***Strategy 3: A combination of the following truncated or non-truncated terms with the appropriate syntax were used: randomized, controlled, child, pediatric, complementary medicine, and alternative medicine.