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Table 2 Differential diagnosis of elevated intraocular pressure and seizures in children

From: Acute myopia and angle closure glaucoma from topiramate in a seven-year-old: a case report and review of the literature

Aicardi syndrome Microphthalmos Agenesis of corpus callosum, depigmented chorioretinal lacunae
CASK mutation Anterior segement dysgenesis, megalocornea Dystonia, psychomotor retardation, severe, intellectual disability, scoliosis, mild, dysmorphism, progressive microcephaly
Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber syndrome Increased episcleral venous pressure Port-wine stains, venous and lymphatic malformations, soft tissue hypertrophy of affected limbs
Neurofibromatosis Anterior segment dysgenesis Optic nerve glioma, Lisch nodules, café au lait spots, neurofibromas, freckling of intertriginous areas
Ring 14 syndrome Unknown Macular white spots, strabismus, short, stature, microcephaly, scoliosis
Sturge Weber syndrome Increased episcleral venous pressure Port-wine stains, ipsilateral leptomeningeal, vascular malformations
Tuberous sclerosis Anterior segment neovascularization, retinal detachment Retinal astrocytic hamartomas, ash-leaf spots, adenoma sebaceum, cardiac rhabdomyoma
Wyburn-Mason syndrome Intraocular hemorrhage Retinal racemose hemangiomas, arteriovascular, malformation with dilated and tortuous shunt vessels
  1. Diagnosis Intraocular Pressure Elevation Mechanism Other Clinical Findings.