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Table 3 Summary information on included papers

From: Treatment non-adherence in pediatric long-term medical conditions: systematic review and synthesis of qualitative studies of caregivers’ views

Ref Source paper Condition Country and setting Participants Data collection
[15] Knafl et al. 1996 Various long-term conditions US: Recruited from 3 health centres 63 families of children age 7–14 yrs (36 diabetes, 7 renal disease, 7 asthma, 6 arthritis, 9 other) Interviews
[20] Bokhour et al. 2008 Asthma US: Diverse health care settings 37 parents of 37 children age 5–12 yrs Home interviews
[21] Peterson-Sweeney et al. 2003 Asthma US: Setting unclear 18 mothers of children age 2–18 yrs Home interviews
[22] Callery et al. 2003 Asthma UK: Emergency room & primary care Main caregivers of 25 young people age 9–16 yrs Home interviews
[23] Foster et al. 2001 Cystic fibrosis UK: Single hospital clinic 8 mothers, 1 father of children age 10–18 yrs (8 households) Interviews
[24] Slatter et al. 2004 Cystic fibrosis UK: Database of children with cystic fibrosis 17 interviews with parents of children age 3–12 years (15 households) Home interviews
[25] Williams et al. 2007a Cystic fibrosis UK: 2 hospital clinics 31 parents of 32 children age 7–17 yrs Home interviews
[26] Williams et al. 2007b Cystic fibrosis As above As above As above
[27] Hammami et al. 2004 HIV Belgium: Single hospital clinic 11 caregivers of children age 0–18 yrs Interviews
[28] Merzel et al. 2008 HIV US: Treatment adherence project 14 caregivers of 15 children age 10–16 yrs Interviews
[29] Wrubel et al. 2005 HIV US: Participants from research study 71 maternal caregivers (biological, foster, adoptive mothers or other female relatives) of children age 1–18 yrs Hospital or home interview
[30] Britton & Moore 2002 Juvenile arthritis UK: Single hospital clinic 9 families of girls age 7–8 or 11–13 yrs Home interviews
[31] Sullivan-Bolyai et al. 2003a Diabetes US: 2 hospital clinics 28 mothers of children aged 0–4 yrs Home interviews
[32] Schilling et al. 2006 Diabetes US: Participants from research studies 17 mothers and 5 fathers of 22 young people age 8–19 yrs Home interviews
[33] Schroder et al. 2002 Juvenile arthritis Australia: Single hospital clinic 5 mothers of children age 3–10 yrs Interviews
[34] Prout et al. 1999 Asthma UK: 2 primary care centres 9 families of children age 7–12 yrs Varied data collection
[35] Klok et al. 2011 Asthma Netherlands: single hospital clinic and primary care 44 parents of children age 2–12 (34 households) Focus groups
[36] van Dellen et al. 2008 Asthma Netherlands: Multicentre research 28 mothers of children age 7–17 yrs Focus groups
[37] Sullivan-Bolyai et al. 2003b Diabetes As above As above As above