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Table 1 Background of stakeholder participants

From: Barriers and enablers for participation in healthy lifestyle programs by adolescents who are overweight: a qualitative study of the opinions of adolescents, their parents and community stakeholders

Interviewed Profession Background
Health professionals 4 x dietitians 1 x private practice
3 x country health
4 x physiotherapists 4 x private practice
2 x psychologists 1 x private practice
1 x health department
1 x general practitioner 1 x private practice
Local service providers 16 x state government 2 x health promotion coordinators
1 x senior policy portfolio officer
1 x community clinical nurse manager
8 x community nurses (school health)
2 x Parenting officers
2 x sport and recreation representatives
3 x local council employees 1 x youth services manager
1 x youth Services Officer
1 x leisure centre manager
Researchers 9 x researchers From new South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia