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Table 3 Primary and secondary outcome measures used in the Sugarsquare study

From: The Sugarsquare study: protocol of a multicenter randomized controlled trial concerning a web-based patient portal for parents of a child with type 1 diabetes

Outcome Measure
Primary outcome  
Parenting stress Parenting Stress Index- short form (PSI-SF [40])
Secondary outcomes  
Parents’ psychosocial wellbeing General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-12 [42])
Parents’ satisfaction of quality of diabetes care Patients’ Evaluation of Quality of care- Diabetes (PEQ-D [43])
Parents’ knowledge about diabetes (care) Diabetes Knowledge Test (DKT [44])
Parents’ treatment adherence Morisky Medicine Adherence Scale (MMAS [45])
Parents’ confidence in diabetes self-care Confidence In Diabetes Self-care questionnaire (CIDS [46])
Diabetes related conflicts Diabetes Family Conflict Scale (DFCS [47])
The impact of diabetes on the family Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory - family impact scale (PedsQL FIS [48]
The child’s quality of life Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory - generic scale - parent report (PedsQL generic [49])
The child’s health-related quality of life Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory - diabetes module - parent report (PedsQL-DM [49])
The child’s psychosocial well-being Strength and difficulties questionnaire - parent report (SDQ [50])