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Table 1 Research design and methodology

From: Effects of pediatric first aid training on preschool teachers: a longitudinal cohort study in China

Section Content
  1282 preschool staff were recruited from 1193 nurseries and kindergartens
  Baseline: 37-item survey, confidence and emotions toward first aid
  Post-intervention: 37-item survey, confidence
  6-month follow-up: 37-item survey, confidence and emotions toward first aid
  9-month follow-up: (see 6-month follow-up)
  4-year follow-up: (see 6-month follow-up), plus encountering
  4-hour course taught in classroom
  Course consists of lectures, video footage
  First aid Content:
    ➢ Difficulty Breathing
    ➢ Controlling Infection, Bleeding, and Swelling
    ➢ Bone, Joint, and Muscle Injuries
    ➢ Loss of Responsiveness, Fainting
    ➢ Convulsions, Seizures and Head Injuries
    ➢ Allergic Reactions, Bites and Stings
    ➢ Poisoning and Burns
    ➢ Eye Injuries and Oral Injuries
  Baseline: 1067 preschool staff
  Immediate post-intervention: 1067 preschool staff
  6-month follow-up: 208 preschool staff
  9-month follow-up: 278 preschool staff
  4-year follow-up: 274 preschool staff