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Table 3 Correlates of screen-viewing among preschoolers in childcare

From: Screen-viewing among preschoolers in childcare: a systematic review

Factor type Factor Association Strength of consistency supporting the association
+ -
Child demographic factors Sex [47] {H}   Inconclusive
Staff demographic factors High level of education   [11] {C} Strong
[50] {C}
[58] {C}
High volume of staff/center   [C] [11] Inconclusive
Environmental factors Daily hours of operation [11] {H/C}   Inconclusive
Type of childcare arrangement [11] {H},   Strong
[50] {H},
[56] {H},
[58] {H},,
Provision of after-school care [11] {C}   Inconclusive
Open practices/policies re: screen use [48] {C}   Inconclusive
Social factors Low SES neighborhood [11] {C}   Inconclusive
  1. Note. H = home-based childcare; C = center-based childcare; H/C = both childcare arrangement types; SES = socio-economic status; inconclusive = fewer than 3 studies examined the variable (therefore, no conclusions could be drawn); strong consistency = 75-100% of studies examining the factor support the association.