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Table 2 INSIGHT study measures

From: The Intervention Nurses Start Infants Growing on Healthy Trajectories (INSIGHT) study

Construct Time points (child age in weeks)
  0 2 4 8 16 20 28 32 40 44 52 78 104 130 156
Anthropometrics and Biological Specimens
Child weight and length/height X   X   X   X   X   X   X   X
Mother weight X       X     X   X   X
Mother height, Father weight/height X               
Child DNA (blood, cheek swabs)            X     
Child stool microbiome              X   
Child Behavior
Sleep [108, 109]   X    X     X   X    X X
Dietary intake [110, 111]*   X    X   X   X   X   X   X
Temperament [112, 113]      X       X   X   
Reaction to foods X   X     X
Motor milestones [114]         X    X     
Appetite [115]           X      
Videotaped self-feeding            X     
Neophobia [116]            X     X
Eating behavior [117]               X  
Feeding to soothe [54]*   X   X X    X   X   X   X  
Infant feeding mode [118]   X   X   X   X    X X   X  
Self-efficacy [119, 120]   X   X     X    X     X
Feeding practices & styles [121, 122]      X   X        X  
Structure and Control Feeding            X   X   
Maternal Psychosocial Variables and Behavior
Postpartum depression [123]    X       X       
Restrained/disinhibited eating [124]      X           
Eating habits [125127]*      X    X    X     
Sleep [128]*      X         X   
Dietary intake [110, 111]*           X     X  
Trait anxiety [129]             X    X
Health Literacy [130]                
Family Context
Home environment (observed)    X   X   X   X       
Family functioning [131, 132]*     X    X      X    
Playtime and activity [133]*     X   X      X   X   X
TV viewing and family meals       X     X   X   X  
Yard and recreational space [134]*          X       
Food insecurity [135] X           X   X   X
Background, Demographics, and Covariates
Demographics and Health [118]* X    X   X      X   X   X
Development knowledge [136]*   X X   X   X   X       X
  1. *Indicates modified measure – need confirmation that correct ones modified.