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Table 3 Multivariate analysis using linear regression model to show the association between cytokine IL4 and IFN-γ and gene expression levels with serum PAHs (ΣPOPs) controlled for age and BMI

From: Increased IL-4 mRNA expression and poly-aromatic hydrocarbon concentrations from children with asthma

Dependent variable Parameters R2 β (standardized coefficients) P value
IL-4 Gene expression Levels ΣPOP 0.19 0.36 <0.001
Age 0.18 0.08
BMI 0.20 0.05
IFN-γ Gene expression Levels ΣPOP 0.26 -0.40 <0.001
Age 0.19 0.06
BMI 0.31 0.002
  1. Note: P-value significant at p < 0.05.