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Table 6 Clinician satisfaction with screening

From: Challenges to implementation of developmental screening in urban primary care: a mixed methods study

Items Clinician response
  N = 123
Assessment of development is an important part of well-child care Agree 116 (94.3%)
Caregivers have a good understanding of typical child development Agree 67 (54.5%)
It is important to seek caregiver input regard their children’s development Agree 120 (97.6%)
The ASQ-II or M-CHAT is easy for parents/caregivers to complete Agree 74 (71.2%)
The ASQ-II or M-CHAT is easy to score in EHR Agree 75 (82.4%)
The ASQ-II or M-CHAT is quick to complete Agree 59 (55.7%)
The ASQ-II & M-CHAT are helpful in my clinical decision-making Agree 92 (84.4%)
Developmental screening (with the ASQ-II/M-CHAT) disrupts my clinical workflow Agree 46 (42.2%)
I have received sufficient training on how to administer the ASQ-II/M-CHAT Agree 61 (56.0%)
The clinic staff provides helpful developmental support to families Agree 108 (93.9%)
The clinic staff is helpful with Early Intervention referral and tracking Agree 92 (82.9%)
I am satisfied with the developmental screening process (i.e. using the ASQ-II and M-CHAT) at my clinic Agree 85 (70.8%)