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Table 5 Caregiver satisfaction with screening

From: Challenges to implementation of developmental screening in urban primary care: a mixed methods study

Items Parent response
  N = 1016
I am satisfied with answering questions on development at the well-child visit Agree 1002 (98.6%)
The developmental tool is understandable Agree 1006 (99.3%)
The developmental tool covers all important areas of development Agree 978 (97.6%)
The developmental tool helps parents understand their child’s developmental strengths and challenges Agree 893 (88.3%)
Parents learned of activities to help their child grow and learn during the well-child visit Agree 780 (82.0%)
Parents had additional concerns or questions that needed more attention than the child’s development Disagree 962 (95.2%)
I am satisfied with my child’s developmental assessment Agree 513 (98.5%)