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Table 4 Correlation coefficients between the OKI-DO observation instrument and SDQ[26] subscales or total score

From: Qualitative observation instrument to measure the quality of parent-child interactions in young children with type 1 diabetes mellitus

OKI-DO instrument Expected direction: SDQ scale: Result:
Emotional involvement + Total problems .10
Limit setting - Conduct problems -.23
Respect for autonomy + Prosocial behavior .11
Quality of instruction - Total problems -.14
Negative behavior + Conduct problems .20
Avoidance - Prosocial behavior -.19
Cooperative behavior - Conduct problems -.27*
Child’s response to injection xxx xxx xxx
Emphasis on diabetes xxx xxx xxx
Mealtime structure - Conduct problems - .11
  1. *Correlation is significant on a 0.05 level.