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Table 3 Administration timetable for infant assessments

From: Neurobehaviour between birth and 40 weeks’ gestation in infants born <30 weeks’ gestation and parental psychological wellbeing: predictors of brain development and child outcomes

  Birth Up to 32wk* 32wk to term** Term 12mth (CA) 24mth (CA)
Neurobehavioural assessment √√   
Perinatal data √√      
MRI     √√   
Motor assessment – AIMS and NSMDA      √√  
Clinical feeding assessment - SOMA      √√  
Developmental assessment – Bayley III       √√
Parent–child relationship assessment- EAS      √√ √√
Neurological and Paediatric assessment       √√
  1. *weekly assessments; **fortnightly assessments; √√ = both preterm and term-controls; √ = preterm only; MRI = Magnetic resonance imaging; AIMS = Alberta Infant Motor Scale; NSMDA = Neuro-Sensory Motor Developmental Assessment; SOMA = Schedule for Oral Motor Assessment ; Emotional Availability Scales.