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Figure 1

From: Predictors of exclusive breastfeeding: observations from the Alberta pregnancy outcomes and nutrition (APrON) study

Figure 1

Recruitment details: reasons for non-participation and non-eligibility among a subsample of participants from the first phase of Alberta Pregnancy Outcomes and Nutrition (APrON) study. (legend) *Examples of inconsistencies in responses include mothers who had indicated they have “stopped breastfeeding” or “have not yet introduced breast milk”, but at the same time provided “positive frequencies” for breast milk feeding in the FFQs. Other examples include mothers who had stated they have “never breastfed their infants” while providing “age of introduction” or “intake frequency” of breast milk. In addition, some mothers indicated they had “not yet introduced breast milk” or had “stopped breastfeeding” while they also stated on another questionnaire that they were “currently breastfeeding”.

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