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Table 5 Results of the effect size calculations

From: Strengths and weaknesses of parent–staff communication in the NICU: a survey assessment

Survey questions Pearson’s r coefficient Effect size (Cohens’ d)
1. How satisfied are you with the conversations you have had? 0.28 0.22
2. How easy has it been for you to communicate with nurses/doctors in the NICU? 0.33 0.23
6. How well do you feel that the staff you talked to in the NICU understood your emotional situation? 0.54 0.26
7. Did you feel the NICU staff encouraged you to participate in caring for your child? 0.28 0.37
  1. *Effect sizes according to Cohen.
  2. 0.2-0.5=small.
  3. 0.5-0.8=moderate.
  4. 0.8 or above=large.